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KarTTia Fitness is designed to train all ages and abilities. Whether you are a current student-athlete, former athlete, or retired. We provide an atmosphere that is engaging and accepting of all ability levels. KarTTia Fitness's mission is to create a community that loves and accepts all people. It is much more than a workout, its an experience that serves the heart.


As a FAITH based Fitness Studio we knew the physical benefits of a "healthy heart" but there are more mental and emotional benefits to get plugged into a healthy fitness community.


We are firm believers that in order to change actions into habits, and habits into lifestyles, we need ACCOUNTABILITY. We placed the TT to signify Training Together. Everything's better with a partner! 


We wanted KarTTia Fitness to be much more than a great workout, we wanted to operate with a level of INTEGRITY. Our members and staff are people that you would want to spend time with outside the studio. We are committed to ensuring that every situation is communicated thoroughly and with a level of customer satisfaction that is uncommon.


At the root of all great customer service experience, the fundamental level is SERVANTHOOD. At KarTTia Fitness we have a desire to take service to a whole new level. With our Community Service initiatives, Training and Nutrition Programs, and Social Events we strive to love our community that is an uncommon standard.

TT stands for Training Together. We take teamwork seriously, as they say it "takes a whole village."

KarTTia (Car-dee-uh) is derived from the Greek word Kardia, which means heart.

KarTTia Fitness (8).png

Fitness goes beyond physical here. We believe in having deep connections.

We are serious about this heart thing.


David Dunagan is from Gainesville, GA. He grew up playing sports and played football at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. He coached Football and always had a passion for Strength and Conditioning at the Collegiate and High School Level. David also held the position of the Director of Leadership for Master Automotive coinciding as the Executive Director of United Way of Laurens County. During this time, he served on the Board of Directors at the Augusta YMCA with a role in Group Fitness. His role was to advance and improve areas of group fitness primarily through Spin Class and Functional Fitness. His passion for promoting individual overall health makes KarTTia Fitness your one stop for all your fitness needs. 

Catherine and David came to Jacksonville in 2019. Catherine is the Head Women's Tennis Coach at University of North Florida. They have two daughters Ellis (11) and Sloane (8) and baby D arriving in January 2024. Catherine and David are active in NE Florida FCA and the Dunagan's attend and are active in The Church of Eleven22 San Pablo campus. 

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